Monday, August 27, 2007

apoyo a la música local: todos a ver a televisor!

no hay mucho que decir, salvo que la página de myspace de televisor me vendió inmediatamente la idea de ir a verlos. el afiche es sencillamente de lo mejor que he visto en la escena local en años y la música me encantó. escuchen los tracks que adjunto aquí (son los mismos de myspace, pero ya listos para que los suban a su ipod) y lléguense al cuartel este miércoles... no hay excusa, hay que apoyar la música local y en especial a televisor!

disfruten de amnesia y de vivir haciendo click en sus respectivos links (archivos mp3 en yousendit).

Saturday, August 25, 2007

costa rica and china: where are our ethics towards human rights?

given that our current president (oscar arias) won the nobel prize for peace and given our tradition (?) of defendants of human rights, the whole ditching of taiwan and welcoming of china came as a bit of a surprise to me. if you go to wikipedia and look for info on china's human rights, you will find this:

  • china admits to lacking laws to protect civil rights

  • although china has signed many agreements on improving their human rights, there is basically no change on their attitude towards torture, arbitrary detention and religion

  • china has the highest number of death penalties in 2005

  • china has made profits using its executed prisoners to have their organs harvested for transplants and sold there and abroad

  • china is known for its intolerance of organized dissent towards the government

  • china has got what can be called a regime of spatial and social apartheid towards rural chinese, keeping them in a subordinate status

  • china's one-child policy contributes to female infanticide, abandonment and sex selective abortions

  • when it comes to workers' rights, the criticism aims at minimum wage violations, long work hours, and inappropriate actions towards workers by management

  • china has got very tense relations with the dalai lama, another nobel prize for peace winner... which makes you wonder what our president thinks of that... but more important than that, what do you think about it?

is this the country we want to have commercial relations with? is this the example to follow? are we blinded by all the money that china is pouring into this country and the central american region? where are we heading?

more about human rights in china can be seen here:

the beautiful picture can be found on north sullivan's page on flickr.

Friday, August 10, 2007

anthony wilson died today

anthony wilson, the music mogul behind some of manchester's most successful bands, has died of cancer. anthony wilson was an influential figure in the "madchester" scene.

the salford-born entrepreneur, who founded factory records, the label behind joy division, new order, james, the durutti column and the happy mondays, was diagnosed last year.

the 57-year-old, also famous for setting up the hacienda nightclub, passed away on Friday evening at the Christie Hospital surrounded by family.
more info on the bbc site.
here's lcd soundsystem's cover of joy division's no love lost. enjoy it, tony!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

siouxie releases mantaray!

siouxie sioux's new album, mantaray, will be out on september 14. here's the first single, into a swan... this sounds quite interesting!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

his name is alive: more xmmer news

i asked some questions to war about xmmer and i managed to get answers to most of them. i could not get a mp3 of the new album, but please, do yourself a favor, start saving for it!

without further ado, directly from the war's mouth, er, keyboard (ok, i admit there was some editing to make it look like he writes all these things nicely), here's what war had to say.

who's singing this time?

andry aka andy fm aka andrea francesca morici

will it be only instruments or samples as well?

i quit using samples in 1993. it was a moral choice, i really do think it's the same as stealing

what inspired you to write the songs?

at first i tried to write differently than i have in the past. i tried writing songs from other people's perspectives, and making up characters, but in the end it's still nonfiction with true life stories of all my mistakes and poorly decided lifechoices.

how would you describe the sound of the album?

it's pretty raw, there's a lot of clanging and banging sounds

will it be released on cd only?

we're working on a deal with a new york city label to do a vinyl pressing, but it'll probably pretty limited.

will you be touring as a whole band in the us and europe to promote it?

we've got some east coast shows in september that i think will be mostly acousticand then we've got a midwest tour that'll be a full-style band and after that nobody knows.

what instruments do you play this time around?

i tried to play all the drums and i tried to learn saxophone and trumpet, but in the end i still had to call some expert friends (ringers) to save it. elliot got the phone call for a couple tenor saxophone parts and it was amazing, and then i called bread over to fix up some drum fills, they saved the album!! sorry thats all i got for now.



ministry - riding into the sunset in 2008

the last sucker will be ministry's final studio release.
the last sucker will be released on september 18 followed by a world tour in 2008, and then, after 11 studio albums and 27 years, including four grammy nominations ("n.w.o."/1993, "bad blood"/2000, "the great satan"/2005, "lieslieslies,"/2006), al jourgensen will lay ministry to rest and focus on expanding his borderland compound, 13th planet records."i've got a lot of side-projects and new projects i want to focus on," explained jourgensen. "we have our our own label, 13th planet records, we're building, and i want to sign, produce and collaborate with other artists. being in the studio writing, recording and collaborating is my favorite part of this snake-oil industry. i'd rather be behind the console than behind the mic. plus, i kinda like the synchronicity of dubya and ministry riding off into the sunset hand in hand."

the new 11-track ministry cd, the last sucker, is the third in an unrelenting and uber-critical trilogy aimed at exposing the foils, failures and fabrications perpetrated by the george w. bush administration. the last sucker, which follows houses of the mole (2004) and rio grande blood (2006), is the final nail in the dubya coffin.the last sucker was produced and recorded by al jourgensen at his 13th planet compound in el paso, tx with musicians thomas victor (prong) on guitars, paul raven (killing joke/prong) on bass and guitarist sin quirin (the revolting cocks). burton c. bell (fear factory, aotw) makes a vocal appearance on "die in a crash," as well as the album's final two songs, "end of days" parts one and two.
this is the tracklisting (click on the link for a sample of what the last sucker will sound like):
2. watch yourself
3. life is good
4. the dick song
5. the last sucker
6. no glory
7. death and destruction
8. roadhouse blues
9. die in a crash
10. end of days part one
11. end of days part two
more info on their website.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday, August 05, 2007

beauty is goodness: the acoustic session

fans were asking for it. the band was not too sure about it, but in the end, they all agreed to re-release "i never thought i could fall this low" as a slower, acoustic version to be played on xfm.

the first thing macca noticed when he entered the recording studio, was a big black piano. he thought he was in the wrong recording room but when the engineer double checked and assured him this was where beauty is goodness were going to record their acoustic song, he stormed out and called his bandmates.

did any of you punters request a piano for the song?

the response was negative from everybody, which basically helped the band to disappear from existence. macca had been extremely clear from the beginning: no pianos were going to be allowed in any of their songs. the acoustic session was no exception.

we were not conceived as a coldplay copycat!, macca shouted over the phone. he was sick and tired of every single band that now played the piano onstage. he was happy to see tori amos live, but that was a different story. the way he saw it, tori was a piano godess and didn't deserve any of the bitching. but when it came to coldplay, keane and the like, please... a piano onstage!!!

when the rest of beauty is goodness arrived to the studio, the piano was gone and macca was having a cup of tea, still smiling at the fact of doing things his way and nobody else's. it only took one take to get the song right.

the impromptu video for the acoustic version of "i never thought i could fall this low" was the most watched video in youtube for 4 weeks.

Friday, August 03, 2007

new his name is alive album!

i'm going to ask war for more details on xmmer, the new album by his name is alive, but i have to admit that, if it's just as good as detrola (their previous release), i will be buying it on the day it's released (september 18, 2007).

the tracklist goes like this:

01. young blood
02. go to hell mountain
03. the wolf put his mouth on me
04. how dark is your dark side
05. what color was the blood
06. oh miss flower
07. put it in your mind
08. sangaree
09. intra ultra
10. come out the wilderness
11. when you fall for someone
12. come to me

i will keep you posted with more news as soon as i get something from hnia's hq. in the meantime, don't forget to download their silver makeup ep (4 lovely songs) for free by clicking here.