Sunday, June 27, 2004

the cure new video + song

i think robert smith did it all over again: he promised us a better cure album, the best cure album he's ever done, worked with a producer he'd never worked before and what we got (so far) is this: an excellent video for the new goth generation and a lame attempt at a decent song (the end of the world). so far, robert smith has really fucked himself up by releasing the whole wild mood swings album, wrong number, just say yes and now, potentially, this whole new album that he decided to christen with the band's name. if that's because he was looking for closure, let this be the epitaph of a band that was:

we were good
we were 5,4,3 even 2
we were the cure
now it's all gone
6 feet underground
i wish i, robert, was there, too
so i could not be found

does anyone else thinks it's better to leave in silence?

i mean, if i get to an age where i have to depend on other people to take care of me, if i can't go to the toilet by myself and on top of that i am conscious that i am being a burden to my family, i think i'd rather go on a sleeping pill frenzy and be remembered as the one who left when he was supposed to as opposed to the one who never wanted to die just to piss us off. it's not being suicidal, it's simply having the power to decide what to do with one's life when it reaches a stage that it's not productive anymore. yes, some people never reach a productive stage, true. good point. hand them a rope.