Friday, August 03, 2007

new his name is alive album!

i'm going to ask war for more details on xmmer, the new album by his name is alive, but i have to admit that, if it's just as good as detrola (their previous release), i will be buying it on the day it's released (september 18, 2007).

the tracklist goes like this:

01. young blood
02. go to hell mountain
03. the wolf put his mouth on me
04. how dark is your dark side
05. what color was the blood
06. oh miss flower
07. put it in your mind
08. sangaree
09. intra ultra
10. come out the wilderness
11. when you fall for someone
12. come to me

i will keep you posted with more news as soon as i get something from hnia's hq. in the meantime, don't forget to download their silver makeup ep (4 lovely songs) for free by clicking here.

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