Thursday, August 24, 2006


1980 Forward
1984 WD

así fue como se decidió cambiar el nombre de axis records al famoso 4AD... y con eso los dejo con una invitación a escuchar un doble especial sobre la 4AD que produje (ja!) para radio u. a la gente por acá le gustó bastante, espero que los que lo lleguen a escuchar por estas latitudes también les llegue.

aquí están los links:

y para los que quieren saber qué música van a poder escuchar, aquí está el playlist (mp3 individuales a solicitud):

primer programa:
M/A/R/R/S – Pump up the volume (remix)
The The – Boy Drowning
Bauhaus – Terror Couple Kills Colonel
Blonde Redhead – Elephant Woman
Air Miami – World Cup Fever
The Breeders - Cannonball
Cocteau Twins – Violaine (Mark Clifford remix)
gus gus – Ladyshave (Gi Gi Galaxy mix)
Modern English – Life in the gladhouse (remix)
Piano Magic – Son de Mar
This Mortal Coil – You and your sister
His Name Is Alive – Chances are we are mad
Ultra Vivid Scene – Candida
Insides – Skin Divers
The Amps – Tipp City
Minotaur Shock – Vigo Bay
* Spirea X – Chlorine Dream
Pale Saints – Blue Flower
The Pixies – Here comes your man (demo)
* Tarnation – Lonely Lights
* The Underground Lovers – Promenade
The Wolfgang Press – Cut the tree
* Rachel Goswell – Coastline (Ulrich Schnauss Vocal Mix)
Dead Can Dance – The wind that shakes the barley
Kristin Hersh – Costa Rica
The Late Cord – My most meaningful relationships are with dead people
* The Wolfgang Press – Kansas (Flood mix)
* Lisa Germano – Victoria's secret / Just a bad dream (by Miamo-
* No se pudieron programar por falta de tiempo

playlist de la segunda parte:
Anonymity - Dance Chapter
Don't know why - Scheer
Hang on to your ego - Frank Black
Happy Birthday - The Birthday Party
Darkness, darkness - Heidi Berry
Death will be my bride - Brendan Perry
Bold marauder - Kendra Smith
Is Jesus your pal? - The hope blister
Bright yellow gun - Throwing Muses
Cath Carroll - Unrest
Palomine - Bettie Serveert
Playhouses - TV on the radio
Heaven or Las Vegas (live) - Cocteau Twins
For love - Lush
Summer dress - Red House Painters
Love love love - The Mountain Goats
Love songs on the radio - Mojave 3
Dreamt u in a dream - Starry Smooth Hound
Qual (12" mix) - X-Mal Deutschland
The Fourth Day - Sybarite
And may your last words be a chance to make things better -
Muscoviet Musquito - Clan of Xymox
New Skin - Celebration
Shaolin satellite - Thievery Corporation

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

to ian curtis: this band rocks your way!!!

what if a band could go back in time, steal a little bit of that rough joy division sound and pay attention to the RCA guys go tried to convince ian curtis et al to use synths on their songs, then come back to this age and time and release music inspired by mancunian post punk in the late 70s yet well anchored in the present? well, the band exists and you should listen to them. their name is infomatik and now, feel free to abandon my blog and go to their audio page and download 4 rather good songs from their album and let them know you liked their music! as an interesting note, these guys managed to open for DJ Peter Hook (Hookie!!!), who I hope was sober enough to enjoy their act.