Sunday, August 05, 2007

beauty is goodness: the acoustic session

fans were asking for it. the band was not too sure about it, but in the end, they all agreed to re-release "i never thought i could fall this low" as a slower, acoustic version to be played on xfm.

the first thing macca noticed when he entered the recording studio, was a big black piano. he thought he was in the wrong recording room but when the engineer double checked and assured him this was where beauty is goodness were going to record their acoustic song, he stormed out and called his bandmates.

did any of you punters request a piano for the song?

the response was negative from everybody, which basically helped the band to disappear from existence. macca had been extremely clear from the beginning: no pianos were going to be allowed in any of their songs. the acoustic session was no exception.

we were not conceived as a coldplay copycat!, macca shouted over the phone. he was sick and tired of every single band that now played the piano onstage. he was happy to see tori amos live, but that was a different story. the way he saw it, tori was a piano godess and didn't deserve any of the bitching. but when it came to coldplay, keane and the like, please... a piano onstage!!!

when the rest of beauty is goodness arrived to the studio, the piano was gone and macca was having a cup of tea, still smiling at the fact of doing things his way and nobody else's. it only took one take to get the song right.

the impromptu video for the acoustic version of "i never thought i could fall this low" was the most watched video in youtube for 4 weeks.

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