Wednesday, December 22, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas 23-12-10 parte 2

entre todas las cosas que había para regalarte, una llamó mi atención. acaso querés saber qué es? rara vez me doy cuenta de esos pequeños detalles que pueden hacer tus ojos brillar. rara vez se me olvida algo con respecto a vos (bueno, tal vez mi único fallo hasta ahora ha sido tu color favorito). irónicamente, fue tu color favorito el que me hizo pensar en este regalo. no dudo que después de esta última pista ya tengás una idea más clara de lo que es. gracias por no decirme que ya adivinaste!

rally de pistas navideñas 23-12-10

uno de tus regalos tiene el tamaño que tiene gracias a Beethoven.

Monday, December 20, 2010

así comienza la historia

Meli MacTardy era una niña normal, como todas las niñas que disfrutan dejar sus tareas para el último momento.


rally de pistas navideñas 20-12-10

en un futuro, las noches se van a alargar más gracias a este regalo.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas 16-12-10

noruega, canada, australia, argentina tienen algo en común con uno de tus regalos...

rally de pistas navideñas 16-12-10

hay más de un willie en uno de tus regalos...

Monday, December 13, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas 13-12-10

este número está relacionado con uno de tus regalos.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas (12-12-10)

en este museo se alberga la obra de arte que tiene relación con uno de tus regalos.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas (11-12-10)

sin él, george harrison no hubiera aprendido a tocar ese instrumento ni uno de tus regalos existiría.

Friday, December 10, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas 10-12-10

un átomo de carbono por cada 3 de oxígeno es parte de la fórmula química del componente de uno de los regalos...

Thursday, December 09, 2010

rally de pistas navideñas 09-12-10 (parte 2)

está relacionado con este cantante.

rally de pistas navideñas 09-12-10

está relacionado con una pintura famosa.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Black Universes

The Black Universes: analysis of radiation and expected antimatter in the known universe to demonstrate the unequivocal existence of a universe inside a black hole and to extrapolate an infinity of similar Black Universes

Francisco J. Brenes, PhD. Candidate, MIT (*)

Hawking and Penrose correctly theorized that, upon a massive star’s collapse, a black hole would be produced, literally swallowing all matter within the event horizon. What neither physicist have touched upon so far is what happens to all that matter inside a black hole, allowing the author to theorize that the law of thermodynamics as we currently know them are what define exactly what happens inside a Black Hole, since that is exactly where our universe lies. Implying this allows us to theorize furthermore than an infinite amount of universes possibly exist inside all black holes, allowing our universe to have sub-universes that have been created upon the explosion of stars ad infinitum.

“At the beginning, there was nothing” or so reads the Bible. Although the author is far from a religious person and given that the analysis that allowed this theory has passed all peer reviews, one can state that for once, that book had the right words to begin the history of this universe, although its creator was a massive destructive/formative energy and nothing else. Given that the creation of a black hole happens at an upper level (what we’re going to call the Mother Universe), there was certainly nothing in the first instants of the star implosion onto a Black Hole, and moreover, the first thing that this universe happened to have was light. The density expected at big bang levels for all the known energy and mass in the universe allows us to suppose that instead of having a finite and infinitely dense point of energy as our starting point, what we had was energy and matter being funneled from the Mother Universe to this universe of ours until no more matter was available for the Black Hole to swallow. This by no means contradicts the Big Bang theory but refines it to a point where what we saw (had there been an observer at the time) was a mass/energy heterogeneous line coming straight at us, pretty much like a rabbit would see headlights on a foggy night coming his way until he realizes that that light is followed by what seems to him is infinite mass.

Einstein theorized that the space-time continuum curved because of gravity pulls from existing bodies all over the universe, allowing space curls and wormholes from one side to the universe to the other. However, what Einstein didn’t foresee at the time was that the gravity pull had a complement in the force exerted by what we have been calling the origin point for the Big Bang, which, given the difference in microwave radiation all over our universe, also pushes the author to theorize that the way energy and matter were funneled to create this universe was through some kind of porous funnel, where very small amounts of primeval energy exploded far away from the main focal energy point (M-fep), thus allowing for imperfections in the microwave radiation spread.

Going back to Hawking, he theorized that a black hole could be eventually used as a massive computer after demonstrating that information in the shape of energy packets could be thrown at a Black Hole and that data, although unknown how precise or related to the original packets it would be, could come out of the black hole after being processed. If this creates a problem because of the law of thermodynamics, we need to ask ourselves why we are having an energy output from what we have always thought of as an inescapable field. The capability of antimatter to remain not only hard to notice but below expected percentages given the abundance of matter in our universe creates the possibility of antimatter using the same porosity initially used by light/matter to come to our universe not only through the M-fep to get out of it in discrete packages that are smaller than the counterparts that remain with us.

Can these findings be extrapolated to black holes we’ve identified within our universe? Most definitely. There is no room for doubt that what happened in the Mother Universe is being replicated not only in our universe but also in other possibly created universes in black holes in the Mother Universe and within our own. This theory is compatible with the n-universe theory but refutes the probability that a whole new universe can be created every time a decision is made (what is known amongst peers as the Brown-McFly improbability). The amount of energy required to have this infinite amount of universes is prohibitive; however, n-universes being created at Black Hole Creation Intervals (BHCI) gives the Mother Universe enough time to transform the required amount of matter to energy.

Footnotes pending.

(*) not really

Monday, October 11, 2010

she picks seashells

she picks seashells
she’s got a nice collection of stolen things
although she’s far away from me
i can see her
almost down on her knees
smiling the way she does
like a child discovering her reflected image for the first time

she chooses them carefully
looking for the most beautiful ones
looking for the ones that can embellish
what already is a beautiful object
a fishbowl full of memories
full of seas come and gone
full of dreams come and gone
like a child who just realized her best days are about to begin

fj brenes

Thursday, September 02, 2010

quiero irme...

quiero irme
para despertarme
una vez más
como todos los días
a tu lado

quiero irme
para acostarme
una vez más
como todos los días
a tu lado

quiero irme
para sentirte
una vez más
como todos los días
a mi lado

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


tus lágrimas solo me dan más ganas de volver.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Salí cuando la noche iba a ser casi un recuerdo

y el amanecer una amenaza

salí dejándote con lágrimas eternas

por un viaje de corta duración

salí con la esperanza de volver a vos

de volver a verte

de volver a vivir esa noche que se acabó frente a nosotros

salí cuando no pude postergar más el momento

estabas vestida de negro

cubriendo tus níveos hombros y tan solo la mitad de tus muslos

salí viéndote así por última vez hoy

y mañana, y el día después de mañana

salí con el deseo de volver a vos

de volver a acariciarte

de volver a ver tu espalda arqueándose fuera de control

francisco j. Brenes


Monday, August 30, 2010

i've been around...

i've been around the mall and i, i can't find the right things for my babe...

pero espero que me dejés ponerte crema todos los días! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


que despedida más difícil... costó separarme de vos en la madrugada. por dicha el tiempo aparte es corto, porque sino alguno de los dos para en loco!

te amo!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

mariana o javi...

hoy te compramos tu primer juguete. esperamos que te guste montones. aunque ni siquiera estás concebido/a, tenemos muchas ganas ya de verte jugar y jugar con vos.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

we're engaged!

it all happened on the beautiful evening of the 4th of july 2010 at samasati, near puerto viejo. thanks to brilliant earth, karla now wears a conflict-free, lovely diamond ring! the wedding date is february 19, 2011 and we want to keep it simple and small but we'll make sure we find a time to party with our friends. we're so happy!

music by passion pit covering the smashing pumpkins, "tonight tonight".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

we are the dream makers

fabricamos sueños
al despertar y ver una cama donde aún
cabe una criatura más

fabricamos ilusiones
al imaginar un parque que parece selva
para unos ojos muy cerca del suelo

somos los fabricantes
de un futuro ideal
de noches de insomnio
y felicidad

fabricamos reacciones
que nos dan risa y enternecen
mientras otros pensarían
que estamos dementes

fabricamos vidas
en nuestras mentes incansables
llegará el momento
de fabricarlas de verdad

seremos los fabricantes
de una vida real
llena de sueños, risas
ilusiones y demás

fj brenes, 17.06.10

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

morning is nothing but...

when i wake up
the beauty of sunrise pales
as i see your skin

i'm attracted to you
i look for the light
i kiss your back
every morning

when i wake up
your beauty reminds me
as i see you smile
how fortunate i am

i'm attracted to you
the way you smile
the way you embrace
me every morning

morning is nothing but
the best moment of the day

these mornings are nothing but
the best moments of my life

fj brenes
18 may 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

tu espalda

tu espalda pide a gritos
que la cubra en besos
que la despierte antes de que salga el sol
y la inunde con mis pensamientos
y deseos

tu espalda se estremece
y le suplica a tus piernas
que me sujeten lo más fuerte que puedan
que no me dejen alejarme
de tu lado


Sunday, January 24, 2010

if it lasts forever...

as i sang those lines
my lips against yours
it's easy to comprehend
i meant every single word
it was not an easy song to sing
had it not been to you

if it lasts forever...

as i sang those lines
tears ran down my face
this is now our song
this is now our dream
it's not an easy task to accomplish
were it not for you

...hope i'm the first to die

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

blue and gray

blue and gray
what a beautiful day
simply blown away
blue and gray
you wanted me to stay
i wanted to wake up today
to blue and gray

fj brenes, 05.jan.10