Thursday, July 15, 2004

cannibalism in costa rica

"The fictional history of Robinson Crusoe (fl. 1658-1695) described how the Caribs took their poor victims, and hit them with a mace. Paul Serre del Sagué who was almost his contemporary, recorded the same of the Caribs of Costa Rica, but was more detailed: The victim was sacrificed by a blow to the back of their heads. Then the saman opened the chest by an obsidian knife, took the heart, and tasted it. Meanwhile his assistants cut up the body to eat it, and distributed grains of maize painted with blood as fetishes. (See Entierros indígenas en Costa Rica in Revista de Costa Rica, Year III (San José 1921: 71)." think that last weekend i was in puerto viejo and no one decided to eat me or my wife... lucky us! :)

da vinci code

well, i must admit that i bought the da vinci code (paperback edition, though) just to see what the whole thing was about. basically, it's just a well-written thriller full of all the conspiracy theories that one can read for free on the net or that have been broadcasted by the BBC and other channels... the end was simply predictable because 1. the so-called mystery of the sangreal was the most evident one (boring) and 2. the final place where the sangreal could be was revealed by every single source i checked before buying the book... can you believe that??? anyway, a somehow related link here:
gran logia de costa rica