Tuesday, May 19, 2009

to the brain, god is just a 10,000 year-old guy

there might be a good thing about religion: it developed as the human brain evolved its capacity for complex social interaction. a recent study published by npr suggests that religious belief uses a brain system that evolved quite recently.

according to the article, religions probably appeared as humans evolved the ability to handle complicated social interactions during the past 60,000 years or so. however, most evidence of religious behavior only dates back about 10,000 years, raising questions about why humans didn't become religious sooner... maybe because there were smaller groups wandering around that didn't need any external pressure to enjoy life as it was.

without religion, the article reads, "large scale cooperation, which now spans the world, would be impossible. religion can help foster cooperation because it ensures that people share the same set of rules about behavior, and think they'll be punished if they don't follow them. religion also unites people, especially in times of great uncertainty."

that last paragraph made me think... are we the only species that cooperate and has rules on behaviour? i don't think so. we might be the only species who believes in punishment from a superior being for being disobedient, though. but cooperation comes naturally to many species and maybe religion is just a byproduct of it, not the other way around.

Friday, May 08, 2009

depeche mode por donde caminó el jesús personal

informa haaretz (periódico israelí demasiado bueno) que depeche mode va a grabar su presentación del 10 de mayo en israel para luego sacar el dvd "live in ramat gan".

el espectáculo lo van a montar con actos locales y además los yeah yeah yeahs, quienes tocarán una hora antes de depeche mode. el escenario, diseñado por anton corbijn, incluye pantallas que van a cubrir 57 metros (supongo que de ancho).

lo interesante del artículo es que menciona al fan club de depeche mode en israel, el cual andy fletcher considera "el mejor fan club del mundo". el club va a organizar una pre-party y una after-party, donde esperan que dave, martin y fletch lleguen a codearse con sus fans más fieles.

habrá que esperar este dvd a ver cómo decenas de miles de israelíes cantan "your own... personal... jesus"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

depeche mode - primer concierto 2009

el setlist en luxemburgo (rockhal) hoy fue el siguiente:

intro - esque
in chains
hole to feed
walking in my shoes
it’s no good
a question of time
fly on the windscreen
a question of lust
come back
in your room
i feel you
in sympathy
enjoy the silence
never let me down again

master and servant

personal jesus

waiting for the night (bare version)

vamos a ver qué sorpresas sacan en los siguientes conciertos!

gracias a depechemode.sk por la info y la foto.