Thursday, July 27, 2006


cae la lluvia
suavemente sobre tu cara
como si quisiera besar la primavera de tus años
como si quisiera sentir la fragilidad de tu piel
compararlas con las nubes que las arrojaron
desde distancias inimaginables hasta vos
cae la lluvia
sobre la frágil primavera de tu cara
sobre todo tu cuerpo
extendido sobre la hierba
y ahora desnudo
suavemente recibiendo cada gota
como si quisieras sentir su impacto individual
compararlo con cada uno de tus amantes
con cada una de tus fantasías hechas realidad
cuando cae la lluvia

fj brenes, 27.06.06

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

free throwing muses music

if the idea of getting free music from kristin hersh, throwing muses and 50 foot wave doesn't attract you, i have no idea why you're reading this blog, mate! feel free to donate some of your well-earned money to the hershes, especially after listening to a whole ep from 50 foot wave and some selections from the grotto and throwing muses's eponymous album.

if you fancy buying more 4ad stuff from kristin, don't forget to check emusic for more info on all her releases.

Monday, July 24, 2006

trying to catch up.... but these are really worth it!

New English EP

new english ep by ambulance ltd is a nice addition to your music collection. kudos to tvt records for having these guys on board!

download "sugar pill (demo)" (mp3, 192kbps)

buy this album

Our Hearts First Meet

our hearts first meet by rykarda parasol is a nice indie collection of songs by this odd-named band from three ring records. musically, the quality is top notch so i've got nothing else to say but enjoy!

buy at itunes music store

"night on red river" (mp3, 192kbps)
"hannah leah" (mp3, 192kbps)

Haircut Fantasy

haircut fantasy by transparent sound (exceptional records) is a nice electronic album from the uk. recommended from beginning to end, really.

buy at emusic

download "voyeurs chance" (mp3, 192kbps)

Forever Young EP

forever young ep by ella (marian records) takes us back in time to that alphaville track and transform it into something that could be played at every single club around the world, either to fill the dancefloor or to take a break from the harder sounding techno of today. nevertheless, a nice cover.

buy at itunes music store

download "forever young (crystal radio mix)" (mp3, 192kbps)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

how can you leave sad things behind...

Leave The Sad Things Behind

leave the sad things behind (birdman records) is the name of paula frazer's third album after quitting tarnation, an alt-folk/country band that in my opinion was one of the best signings for 4ad in the late 90s. from the promotional mp3 for this album, i can tell that paula's still in great vocal shape, delivering emotions with every single word. i hope you like this song (always on my mind, but not another elvis presley's cover) as much as i did.

buy at itunes music store

download "always on my mind" (mp3, 192kbps)

bonus tracks from other realeases from paula:
"watercolor lines" (mp3, 192kbps)
"waiting for you" (mp3, 192kbps)
"everything i own" (mp3, 192kbps)
"rhymes of goodbye" (mp3, 192kbps)

the last mp3 is from a great compilation, shanti project collection 2 and features new and rare tracks from kristin hersh (formerly of throwing muses), melissa auf der maur (hole/smashing pumpkins), mimi parker (low), rebecca gates (spinanes), edith frost, paula frazer and julie doiron (formerly of eric's trip). for that one, you can buy it at itunes music store as well.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

let's talk about sex!


citrus is the new album from the nyc band asobi seksu (friendly fire recordings), and it is simply beautiful. imagine a band that mixed the best of lush, my bloody valentine and cocteau twins and produced brilliant songs in japanese and english, and that would define asobi seksu in a nutshell. listen to these 3 gems and buy their album. oh, and by the way, asobi seksu means "playful sex" in japanese... hence the title of this post.

buy at emusic

"new years" (mp3, 192kbps)
"thursday" (mp3, 192kbps)
"lions and tigers" (mp3, 192kbps)

Monday, July 17, 2006

from gaza with love...

The Pineapple Fields

the pineapple fields are an indie band that had i decided not to let you know that their record label is called men of israel records and that they come from said land (more specifically from the gaza strip), one would have placed them alongside red house painters. that's what awaits you with the available mp3 to download. give it a listen and feel happy about listening to bands this good in bits + beatz! the pineapple fields's album is called the pit that became a tower.

buy at iTunes Music Store

download "big men" (mp3, 192kbps)

Friday, July 14, 2006

this one is for all expats who fall in love with their new home

Sus 40 Tangos Mas Famosos

carlos gardel had a voice that is impossible to describe without using the words powerful, sentimental, heavenly and depressive... all the words that describe tango from its roots. gardel was probably the ian curtis of his lifetime, in terms of voice and impact in future generations. i thought of him today since he was probably french (sorry to my uruguayan and argentinian friends) and being july 14, what better date to place a mp3 of one of his most famous songs, "mi buenos aires querido", a song about the closest city to paris in latin america. if you're feeling nostalgic for whatever reason, listen to that song and weep your heart out (no, i don't care if that expression makes sense or not). listen to this double album by carlos gardel (suramusic s.r.l) and realise that his tragic death (like ian's) put an end to a magnificent career.

buy at emusic

download "mi buenos aires querido" (mp3, 192kbps)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

emigre #9: designed by 23 envelope

back issue: emigre 9: "the London-based music label 4ad has provided the emigre office (and thousands of fans around the world) with some of the most inspiring music to date. we were particularly impressed with the comprehensive design approach of the label and decided to devote an entire issue to the work and ideals of this indie label, which surprisingly remains relatively unknown in the u.s.
the issue features lengthy interviews with vaughan oliver and ivo watts-russell, respectively the graphic designer and founder of 4ad, as well as essays on the throwing muses and cocteau twins, two of the label's most successful bands.
also includes an 8-page insert specially designed for this issue of emigre magazine by 23 envelope, the in-house design team at 4ad.

all this to say that i love most past and present 4ad music and all things designed by vaughan... if he only allowed me to publish a nice 2+ hour chat we had back in '99... i know all of you would love it.

halou: it's oh so good to see you back!

Wholeness & Separation Stonefruit
halou (vertebrae): wholeness and separation + stonefruit

i can't stop talking about it. i remember being in a 4ad chat room in yahoo 1.0 and this guy ryan offering me a free tape with his band's music. i accepted and it was love at first sight. back then, they were called anymore and i loved their cocteau twins-like sound. when they morphed into halou, i thought i had died and gone to heaven (you can read my interview with them here). now, several albums, singles, eps and remixes after, they sound even better. they've got a new album (wholeness and separation) and a new single out (stonefruit) and i recommend both of them eyes closed.

buy at emusic

from the album,
download "honeythief" (mp3, 192kbps)
download "everything is ok" (mp3, 192kbps)
download "stonefruit" (mp3, 192kbps)

from the single,
download "everything is ok (different)" (mp3, 192kbps)

please note that when i will be given the option between emusic and itunes, i will always choose the former because it's given me the chance to find so many things at an excellent price. if you're not a member, join today (drop me a line and i will guide you through it)!

mixel pixel: what a gorgeous sound

You're The Kind Of Girl

this is the kind of music i like... i still have to listen to other songs, but in this one, the voices reminded me of matt johnson from the the singing with a younger, poppier sinead, but just as nice. electronic? kinda. loungey? kinda. lovely? absolutely! listen to mixel pixel (kanine records)

buy at iTunes Music Store
download "You're The Kind of Girl" (mp3, 192kbps)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

syd barrett, you will be missed.

Founding Pink Floyd member Roger "Syd" Barrett died Friday (July 7) from complications due to diabetes, says a source close to the band. Barrett, 60, suffered from mental health problems and spent most of the past 30 years living a secluded life in Cambridge, England with his mother. The other members of Pink Floyd issued a statement that read: "The band are naturally very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett’s death. Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire."Pink Floyd formed in 1965 as a blues-rock combo featuring Barrett on guitar and vocals, bassist Roger Waters, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright. They quickly acquired a reputation for trippy live shows featuring extended improvisational jams and elaborate lighting and visual projections. Their first two albums, 1967's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and 1968's A Saucerful of Secrets, established the group as an early pioneer of psychedelic rock, led by Barrett's innovative songwriting, by turns childlike and sinister.But before the group had even finished recording its second album, Barrett's mental health problems were becoming increasingly apparent, and his experimentation with psychedelic drugs was making them worse. A second guitarist, David Gilmour, was brought in to help finish the album and to play Barrett's parts during the group's live shows, when Barrett would frequently become paralyzed mid-song or sometimes just wander off the stage. Eventually, Gilmour replaced Barrett altogether.With help from Gilmour and members of the band Soft Machine, Barrett managed to record two solo albums in the early '70s, The Madcap Laughs and Barrett, which are widely regarded as underground classics. But his mental health continued to deteriorate, and by the mid-'70s he was living in virtual seclusion in Cambridge, while his former bandmates entered their most commercially and critically fertile period, releasing Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. But even if Barrett was no longer a member of Pink Floyd, his influence on the group still loomed large; both albums, written primarily by Waters, deal with issues of isolation and madness.At Pink Floyd's last performance, a brief reunion set during last year's Live 8 benefit concerts, the group dedicated "Wish You Were Here" to Barrett.

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crossing my fingers to get accepted by ioda...

dear guys at ioda promonet,

this blog is probably read by my closest 23 friends, but i am sure they and i will really, really appreciate the fact that you approve me as a member to your site. i promise to promote every single good band i find, honestly! if you check my website (hometotaldominion), you will see that i've been lucky enough to interview fantastic indie bands (halou, his name is alive) as well as important people for 4ad (and for the rest of us!) like simon larbalestier. come on, give me a chance to keep on promoting bands but now with their music posted on my blog!!!