Wednesday, August 08, 2007

his name is alive: more xmmer news

i asked some questions to war about xmmer and i managed to get answers to most of them. i could not get a mp3 of the new album, but please, do yourself a favor, start saving for it!

without further ado, directly from the war's mouth, er, keyboard (ok, i admit there was some editing to make it look like he writes all these things nicely), here's what war had to say.

who's singing this time?

andry aka andy fm aka andrea francesca morici

will it be only instruments or samples as well?

i quit using samples in 1993. it was a moral choice, i really do think it's the same as stealing

what inspired you to write the songs?

at first i tried to write differently than i have in the past. i tried writing songs from other people's perspectives, and making up characters, but in the end it's still nonfiction with true life stories of all my mistakes and poorly decided lifechoices.

how would you describe the sound of the album?

it's pretty raw, there's a lot of clanging and banging sounds

will it be released on cd only?

we're working on a deal with a new york city label to do a vinyl pressing, but it'll probably pretty limited.

will you be touring as a whole band in the us and europe to promote it?

we've got some east coast shows in september that i think will be mostly acousticand then we've got a midwest tour that'll be a full-style band and after that nobody knows.

what instruments do you play this time around?

i tried to play all the drums and i tried to learn saxophone and trumpet, but in the end i still had to call some expert friends (ringers) to save it. elliot got the phone call for a couple tenor saxophone parts and it was amazing, and then i called bread over to fix up some drum fills, they saved the album!! sorry thats all i got for now.



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