Wednesday, July 12, 2006

halou: it's oh so good to see you back!

Wholeness & Separation Stonefruit
halou (vertebrae): wholeness and separation + stonefruit

i can't stop talking about it. i remember being in a 4ad chat room in yahoo 1.0 and this guy ryan offering me a free tape with his band's music. i accepted and it was love at first sight. back then, they were called anymore and i loved their cocteau twins-like sound. when they morphed into halou, i thought i had died and gone to heaven (you can read my interview with them here). now, several albums, singles, eps and remixes after, they sound even better. they've got a new album (wholeness and separation) and a new single out (stonefruit) and i recommend both of them eyes closed.

buy at emusic

from the album,
download "honeythief" (mp3, 192kbps)
download "everything is ok" (mp3, 192kbps)
download "stonefruit" (mp3, 192kbps)

from the single,
download "everything is ok (different)" (mp3, 192kbps)

please note that when i will be given the option between emusic and itunes, i will always choose the former because it's given me the chance to find so many things at an excellent price. if you're not a member, join today (drop me a line and i will guide you through it)!

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