Wednesday, July 12, 2006

emigre #9: designed by 23 envelope

back issue: emigre 9: "the London-based music label 4ad has provided the emigre office (and thousands of fans around the world) with some of the most inspiring music to date. we were particularly impressed with the comprehensive design approach of the label and decided to devote an entire issue to the work and ideals of this indie label, which surprisingly remains relatively unknown in the u.s.
the issue features lengthy interviews with vaughan oliver and ivo watts-russell, respectively the graphic designer and founder of 4ad, as well as essays on the throwing muses and cocteau twins, two of the label's most successful bands.
also includes an 8-page insert specially designed for this issue of emigre magazine by 23 envelope, the in-house design team at 4ad.

all this to say that i love most past and present 4ad music and all things designed by vaughan... if he only allowed me to publish a nice 2+ hour chat we had back in '99... i know all of you would love it.


Alexei Luthor said...

I have this and remember when it came out in college. It was the first comprehensive interview I ever saw in the USA of Vaughn Oliver, before his published books (I've got all those too).

I even once helped hook Rudy Vanderlans with Gordon Sharp of Cindytalk for the instrumental track on the Emigre comp "Dreaming Out Loud".... the old days... :0)

spaewaif said...
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spaewaif said...

And who is this Rudy Vanderlans?