Friday, July 14, 2006

this one is for all expats who fall in love with their new home

Sus 40 Tangos Mas Famosos

carlos gardel had a voice that is impossible to describe without using the words powerful, sentimental, heavenly and depressive... all the words that describe tango from its roots. gardel was probably the ian curtis of his lifetime, in terms of voice and impact in future generations. i thought of him today since he was probably french (sorry to my uruguayan and argentinian friends) and being july 14, what better date to place a mp3 of one of his most famous songs, "mi buenos aires querido", a song about the closest city to paris in latin america. if you're feeling nostalgic for whatever reason, listen to that song and weep your heart out (no, i don't care if that expression makes sense or not). listen to this double album by carlos gardel (suramusic s.r.l) and realise that his tragic death (like ian's) put an end to a magnificent career.

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download "mi buenos aires querido" (mp3, 192kbps)

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