Monday, July 17, 2006

from gaza with love...

The Pineapple Fields

the pineapple fields are an indie band that had i decided not to let you know that their record label is called men of israel records and that they come from said land (more specifically from the gaza strip), one would have placed them alongside red house painters. that's what awaits you with the available mp3 to download. give it a listen and feel happy about listening to bands this good in bits + beatz! the pineapple fields's album is called the pit that became a tower.

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download "big men" (mp3, 192kbps)

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Ariel said...

Much love back to you as well. Just to let you know the band is named The Pit that Became a Tower, and the album is named The Pinapple Fields. The Record Label is Men of Israel Records, and they are from Jerusalem. We agree that they rock though! :)