Thursday, May 19, 2011

about the new joy division-new order best of, total.

let's see... we already have at least 3 cds full of joy division's best of the best, plus at least 2 cds full of new order's best of the best, plus their respective box sets and remix album for new order. and yet they think someone is going to pay loads of money for the great idea of combining those pre-existing best-ofs by adding an average song (hellbent) from new order on top of it? i would love to hear the reasoning behind this. i'd rather have barney and hooky coming back as new and releasing something new and decent or retiring for good. we, the fans are not to be taken as stupid people who will buy every release for the sake of it. i have to admit, the t-shirt looks cool since it's based on saville's design for the cd. I would re-design it so it reads "TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY", though.

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