Friday, February 29, 2008

alan wilder: excellent essay on the state of music business and technology

alan wilder posted an essay on music called "music for the masses - i think not" on the excellent side-line site.

here are some excerpts:
" true excitement comes from variation in rhythm, tone, pitch and a wide range of dynamics which in turn provides space and warmth - something you're unlikely to find in much of today's rock/pop music."

even the audiophiles have moved on to multi-media - the ipod or iphone being the 'must have' item of choice. many have lost interest in high-end stereo systems while younger listeners have grown so used to dynamically compressed music that the battle has already been lost."

i would like to see a return to high quality art, embracing all the wonders of technology and science, delivered at a price that reflects the time and effort the artist has put in."

the mute home (now part of the emi building) is a shadow of its former self. A few lost souls wandering around in a post-apocalyptic daze, like a scene from '28 days later'. there are some good people at the label who have their hands tied. and their feet bound. and some gaffer taped firmly across their mouths, helplessly kidnapped having been lured into the corporate machine."

is modern music regarded as an art form at all anymore? or is it just another business now?"

read the whole thing here.

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