Tuesday, February 12, 2008

download before it's too late: scylla

in 1995, bob edwards was lucky enough to be the road manager for scylla, toni halliday's (of curve fame) project. they spent the summer touring around the uk, playing small clubs and toni stipulated that her name be kept off of any advertising posters for the gigs, it was all very low key. there were 2 girl guitar players and 2 guys on bass and drums and toni on vocals.

at the end of the summer, they went into the studio to record some demos for a possible album, and that's as far as the band went. shortly after completing the demos, toni decided to call it a day. so, all that was left were these 12 tracks recorded with the help of toni's husband alan moulder and their good friend flood.

luckily, bob got a copy of the demo on cassette. he transferred the music to his computer and then to mp3 (256 kbps) and has decided to share it with the rest of the world until a proper album is released (something that could maybe happen someday, since one of the songs ended up on the showgirls original soundtrack). in the meantime, here's the page where you can download this 12-song demo tape from scylla.

track list: trip to another planet, helen's face, get a helmet, cruiser, no idea, afterglow, butter, rumour, under her command, missing, fools rule, rag doll.

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