Thursday, June 28, 2007

who is madeleine mccann, really?

i have to admit i have no idea how many kids go missing around the world every year. in the united states, it is believed that 85% out of the 876,213 people who went missing in 2000 were children, so we can round that number to one in the vicinity of 744,781 missing children per year. that is a huge number. imagine what is like for the rest of the world, considering illegal traffic of children across borders and all that. but that happens to all kinds of children.

and then, there's maddie.

madeleine mccann went missing in portugal on may 3, 2007. i don't know if missing kids' faces end up in milk cartons in portugal, but that certainly wasn't what the mccanns ended up doing. i don't remember seeing such a huge media display for a missing kid. don't take me wrong, if my child were to go missing, i'd do everything in my might to find him/her (not that i have no idea about my child's gender, it's only that we have no children yet).

still, 1 missing kid out of millions around the world has turned into:

  • 1 website

  • 1.6 million us dollars in contributions (and counting!)

  • "look for madeleine" bands

  • brian adams not suing the mccanns for using one of his most recognizable songs on their site

  • benny (known in catholic circles as benedict xvi) receiving maddie's parents for an audience at the vatican, after they were flown in philip green's jet (he of bhs and topshop stores and who's willing to give 2 million dollars for her safe return). let's keep in mind that the current pope was the leader of what was once known as the holy inquisition, now called congregation for the doctrine of the faith. but i digress, as usual.

who is madeleine mccann, really?

is she somehow connected to the church?

is she the direct descendant of someone very important, alive or dead thousands of years ago, that cannot be named that easily?

is the whole thing part of a master plan, a hidden agenda?

what's with her eye? is she an alien? half-alien? (the more i look at her pictures, the more i suspect there's something dodgy)

is she our last chance for salvation of any divine kind?

if she's ever found alive (and i hope it'll be the case), i really hope there'll be some unbiased journalist that finds out what the whole fuzz about madeleine is/was?
last but not least, what were mr and mrs mccann thinking when they decided to go for dinner that night and leave three children, count them, three! unattended in their unlocked hotel room?
i'll sit and wait for all the answers to come soon...

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