Sunday, June 24, 2007

who the fuck...?

and, who the fuck do you think you are, mate?

macca swore he had not being rude at the dutch guy at all... it was a simple request and after all, the label was paying for the photo session, so he rightfully thought he was entitled to make one simple request.

we would like to have a nice colour picture on our cd sleeve, mr. corbijn, he said.

do you know who the fuck i am, mate?

yes, mr. corbijn. we've seen all these pictures you've taken of bowie, geldof, bono, the killers and stuff, but hey... we were just wondering... wouldn't it be a bit nicer to have something in colour on our cd sleeve? it would definitely contrast with the somber tone of that single and i'm sure people would notice it immediately.

well, anton said, first of all, i don't have colour film with me. second, it's usually me who decide what type of film i'm going to use and, who the fuck do you think you are, mate?

anton was just back from austria where he had taken a couple of pictures of agnes milewski for her next album and he had agreed to do it in colour, simply because it was summer and it would have been unfair to portray her in only black and white. but these guys, well... they'd be lucky if he shoot them using a discardable camera.

macca couldn't take anton's reply and simply punched him in the face and walked out of the studio.

the punch made the news.

the single hit the charts. it was the first single in years without a proper cd sleeve and yet managed to reach #2 in the first week, #1 the next for 6 consecutive weeks.

anton corbijn lost a tooth but still managed to charge 50 grand for the photo session.


Anna said...

I think it's realistic and fluid (if that means something!)

m said...

wow... i never heard that story...

interesting tidbits & commentaries here...

thanx for stopping by my site as well and scoring yerself some Alien Sex Fiend