Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a massive list for your downloading pleasure!

as you can imagine, this collection of albums and live concerts is for you to download for a limited amount of time, listen to them and then decide to support the artists by actually buying their albums. i recommend going to your local shop (hopefully not part of a big chain) or buying mp3s at emusic.

some of the artists with recordings available to download are: annie, architecture in helsinki, camera obscura, clinic, cocteau twins, daft punk, sonic youth, deep dish, electrelane, freezepop, john digweed, joy division, ladytron, m.ward, m83, mstrkrft, massive attack, ms john soda, new order, of montreal, paul oakenfold, ratatat, regina spektor, the decemberists, the magnetic fields, the shins, voxtrot and ¡forward, russia!

the list can be found here.

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