Sunday, June 10, 2007

gusgus - the cductive release

back in '99, with web 1.0 trying its best to sell music, cductive was born (the site doesn't exist anymore). it was a good idea in the pre-ipod years. pick the music you want, pay a fair amount for the tracks to be burnt onto a cd and wait for it in the mail. they even offered cd samples to get you hooked (i got the drum'n'bass, techno, ambient and big beat ones). i got hooked.

around that same time, 4ad's band of the year was no other than gusgus (whose new record, under pineapple records should be bought at once if you like to dance non-stop). 4ad teamed up with wb to offer the possibility of creating a custom-made gusgus album. i jumped at the opportunity and created what cductive called "your custom-cut slice of gus gus".

if you click here in the next 7 days, you might enjoy my "personally selected feats of textured groove, surrealist mood and dancefloor daring-do from the masterminds of hypnordic pop who once again defy all definition and prediction".

long live cductive.

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