Wednesday, June 13, 2007

anne clark

i think it was my mate adrian who made me listen to anne clark for the first time. there was something about her writing and about her style that made her quite unique. i guess the only music store at the time that carried any music by her was auco disco (now defunct, much to my chagrin) and i remember buying "the sitting room" without hesitating.

this is a short album. 7 songs in 15 minutes or so and yet, one is able to find the beauty in anne's poetry and music.

for all 4ad fans, dominic appleton (credited in my uk release as domonic appleton) played the keyboards on this release. he later joined 4ad for the this mortal coil releases, filigree & shadow and blood.

download short story (party mix!) by clicking here. if i get at least one comment on this release, i might post the whole album for everybody's aural pleasure.

short story (party mix!)
there is a little place
in a little room
where a little chap
hides away amidst the gloom
tucks his little legs
underneath a well-worn chair
plucks a piece of paper
and attacks at his despair
a stubby lead pencil
scratches through the fears
of every little cruelness
that reduces us to tears
sharp is the lead
but will it penetrate
all the nooks and crannies
that this world creates
there is so little time
for us to stop and look
as he places the cover
upon his little book
there will come a day
when this little man will die
and they'll put him in a tiny hole
underneath the sky
his little lead pencil,
book and chair
will be placed inside a plastic bag
and taken who knows where ...

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mag said...

Hello! I am a huge fan of Dominic Appleton's Breathless band (much more than a TMC fan) and I would love to listen to this short intriguing album. Am I too late?