Thursday, April 26, 2007

about the VTM

only a couple hours or at the most a day after 30+ people were killed at virginia tech (what will for ever be known as v-tech massacre or VTM, for short), the writings of the killer were made public for the whole world to see.

i will not deny the guy was mentally unstable.

i will not deny the facts.

but, how can I, also a writer (albeit not as famous for obvious reasons) keep on writing when this guy's scripts were shown all over the world as the "evidence" of a potential murderer? how can i ever prove that whatever i have written or will ever write has been/will only be part of my creative self and not my innermost thoughts or desires? it really worries me.

many years ago, i wrote a short story called "john jones". a simple guy who was basically raised on his own, worked on his own and lived on his own until he met a girl he fell in love with. the end of the story is probably expected, but it was a way to observe that mankind has been able to adapt to its own environment through the ages and that people will continue to do so, in their own way. i don't dare to publish "john jones" now, because i'm afraid people will think i'm john jones, and probably talking about the story will suffice to make people think twice about me when they meet me... "there's that weirdo..."

i hope i will change my mind about "john jones". it's a nice fictional short story if you ask me.

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