Monday, March 13, 2006

what have the romans and the muslims done for us?

from monty python:
reg: [the romans]'ve bled us white, the bastards. they've taken everything we had, and not just from us, from our fathers, and from our fathers' fathers.
loretta: and from our fathers' fathers' fathers.
reg: yeah.
loretta: and from our fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers.
reg: yeah. all right, stan. don't labour the point. and what have they ever given us in return?!
xerxes: the aqueduct?
reg: what?
xerxes:the aqueduct.
reg: oh. yeah, yeah. they did give us that. uh, that's true. yeah.
commando #3: and the sanitation.
loretta: oh, yeah, the sanitation, reg. remember what the city used to be like?
reg: yeah. all right. i'll grant you the aqueduct and the sanitation are two things that the romans have done.
matthias: and the roads.
reg: well, yeah. obviously the roads. i mean, the roads go without saying, don't they? but apart from the sanitation, the aqueduct, and the roads--
commando: irrigation.
xerxes: medicine.
commandos: huh? heh? huh...
commando #2: education.
commandos: ohh...
reg: yeah, yeah. all right. fair enough.
commando #1: and the wine.
commandos: oh, yes. yeah...
francis: yeah. yeah, that's something we'd really miss, reg, if the romans left. huh.
commando: public baths.
loretta: and it's safe to walk in the streets at night now, reg.
francis: yeah, they certainly know how to keep order. let's face it. they're the only ones who could in a place like this.
commandos: hehh, heh. heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
reg: all right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the romans ever done for us?

from reality: check the 20 most important things that the muslims did in the past that are still with us... even the word camera is a muslim word! and i bet that's only the tip of the iceberg!

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