Friday, January 06, 2006

very short story with a link

we all remember indie music. it was here well before we knew what to call it. i remember it from my first days wandering in used cd shops, first around san jose and then in kansas. i remember those days in the late 80s and early 90s, with an explosion of bands no one has ever heard before. bands with little or no past and definitely uncertain future. some of those bands had already died by the time i got my hands into some of their music. then, something happened to me and i forgot about indie, at least new indie bands. fast forward to the present, when indie bands are releasing their debut albums on major labels (are they still indie?), hoping to have a bigger lifespan, a bigger audience... but i am sure their albums will soon be in those same shelves i browsed 15 years ago or more. i am sure they will be indie again by the time they get the boot by the major labels, and we will like them even more. in the meantime, listen to thebooth on myspace. this week's featured band is we are scientists and they sound quite good. give it a go!

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