Thursday, June 02, 2005

ask me how

posted in bong (the depeche mode mailing list) as a martin l. gore song, it is really mine and unfinished as of today. what do you think of it?

ask me how

feeling complete at last
finding hope in the dark of night
now i've realised that my final task
is asking you to be only mine

trying as much as i can
forgiving the sinner in me (in you)
now you know who i really am
come, feel my lips as you only do

ask me how
i've been able to sleep
i've been able to dream
ask me how
my life has gone on without you


Doug Simpson said...

If this is real, I like it.
Of course, based on these partial lyrics, there is no way to know how this
song will sound, but they can really go anywhere with it. They can make it
a mid-tempo track, a la Stripped, or a real stomper like Enjoy The Silence.
Or Martin could make it an old fashioned Martin Gore ballad.

helene said...

I like it very much; it has a very deep meaning underneath, you can really do something with it