Friday, May 14, 2004

a brief introduction to the state of this blog

hello to whoever might stop to check this blog. you will find out that, apart from football and knitting, i will try to rant about anything that comes to mind. as a start, i would like to say to all americans who are losing their jobs to people in india or asia or even latin america, that they are not alone. i lost my job, too, and it's been hell to find another one. unemployment is nice the first two-four weeks, when you realise you really needed the time off to wind down and all that. but when you realise the paycheck is not coming, that is when you start panicking. i am not yet in panic (even though i should be), but with multinational companies being quite happy to have their employees work 20 hours a day and said employees thinking that they should do that even if it means they're going to die young in order to keep their job at all costs, i'm screwed.

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